Manual about Ægisgata 5 – Planet Apartments

Garbage bins are located on the ground floor, next to the main entrance to the apartment building. You can open the large steel door with the silver key on the key chain. After that you open the door to the left. Blue bins are for paper, black bins for mixed garbage.

Washing machine
Select desired program and klick START. The detergent is under the sink or in front of you.

Put garment in the dryer, select desired program and klick START. Please empty the water drawer when full by pulling it out. And in the dryer door you have to empty the filter when full.

TV – Netflix is in apartment 403
Turn on the TV with the TV remote control and switch between channels with the Channel remote. (In case of malfunctioning, please try to restart the channel box). Note: You need to press the SOURCE BUTTON on the TV remote and find HDM1 if there is no signal. Red dot on the channel box means it is switched on.

Hot Water
Hot Water in the kitchen: Please let the water run for a while, then it will warm up.

Important sites:
Please check out the weather before you go out on the roads. The weather in iceland can change rapidly.

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